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    angela barlotti (martedì, 14 giugno 2011 22:51)


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    Madison (venerdì, 07 gennaio 2011 15:48)

    I love your site. I'll ask for a copy of your book. Thanks so much for sharing your work.

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    Derek (venerdì, 24 dicembre 2010 15:52)

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    John (domenica, 05 dicembre 2010 23:53)

    Thank you, it is very pleasant to read, and make for certain conclusions. Very glad to read it here!

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    Peter (domenica, 05 dicembre 2010 22:45)

    Quite a lot of time spent on your site and I would like in this connection to note that your site is markedly different from other on this subject. Do not change its principles, and you'll never lose your visitors. Good luck!

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    Anthony (venerdì, 26 novembre 2010 21:18)

    I really enjoyed your site - it's rare to get so much information all in one resource. Just a huge thank you! I enjoy going to your site!

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    maurizioevangelista (domenica, 07 novembre 2010 16:46)

    ciao a tutti e complimenti per l'iniziativa

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    Cynthia (domenica, 07 novembre 2010 16:09)

    Very good site, much useful for my learning. I wish you success.

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    Cocker Inglese (giovedì, 30 settembre 2010 14:56)

    Complimenti per il sito, l'ho trovato molto interessante!
    Un saluto...
    Buona Giornata

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    jean (lunedì, 31 maggio 2010 15:56)

    complimenti per il festival! è sempre un piacere ascoltare la voce dei poeti dal vivo.